Stay Safe and Enlist a Fishing Charter when in the Florida Keys

fishing charterThe Florida Keys are not an easy place to navigate. There are thousands a reefs and tens of thousands of places to bottom out or run aground. On the same token, the Florida Keys offer visitors some of the best fishing they could possibly ask for, if you know where to go.

Simply relying on your sonar doesn’t replace the decade’s long experience it takes to become a seasoned fishing captain. Knowing the exact spots where fish are so plentiful they practically jump into the boat and what time of day makes fishing much more enjoyable. And doing it safely is imperative to protecting your life.

If you need a gage as to how dangerous it could be to navigate the Florida Keys without an experienced captain, consider the area is a top SCUBA destination. The reason has everything to do with the number of ship and boat wrecks, which create spectacular reefs divers love. A chartered fishing crew as familiar with the coastal areas off the Florida Keys as they are with the back of their hand ensure you and your boat won’t wind up part of the diving attraction.

If you’re visiting the Florida Keys and are an avid fisherman, you will need a little guidance to enjoy some of the best fishing you will enjoy in your lifetime. But these waters aren’t the most accommodating to unsuspecting visitors, unaware of what waits just beneath the surface. So enlisting the services of a professional fishing charter while visiting the Florida Keys will help you navigate to a vacation experience to remember.

What to bring on a Fishing Charter in Marathon FL

Are you wondering what to bring on a fishing charter you have coming up?  Here’s a list of things that we recommend:

1.) Camera – It might be good to keep it in a zip lock bag as well.  But, you’ll need to snap a picture of that prized fish!

2.) Jackets/Rain Gear- Make sure to check the weather the night before and even the day of – as we all know, weather changes frequently.

3.) Wear Sneakers – if you can, no slip soles would be the best idea.

4.) You may want to pack a drink, snack or cooler with you.  That sun is pretty dehydrating and so is pulling in that big fish you’re going to catch!

Don’t over pack or over think this. The main thing to worry about is to make sure you have a good time!

Fish on in the Florida Keys!

Another good week fishing in Marathon with more of our Northern customers.  Steve Hessler and his son from New Hampshire had a great day aboard the “Fishin Fool” catching their limit of mangrove snappers and a few sharks and grouper.  Brian Councell and Beth, our boat neighbors from Rock Hall, spent a few days with us, catching sharks, snappers and we even tried our luck at Tarpon fishing!  Tarpon rolled all around us, Brian had one on for a few seconds, but spit the hook.  Very exciting! This week we welcome to town Phil and Patrick Jackson from DE (they took their fish to their favorite place, Burdines for a great meal), Tom and Kathy Wieliczko from NJ, Kevin Conboy from Long Island, NY.  No fishing today, weather permitting we will be back out this week.